Reet Aus

An international e-commerce brand who wanted a better understanding of their audience and website performance to expand across more countries and increase sales.


The client was looking for guidance and suggestions on how to improve their website in the most effective way.


Reet Aus liked our international experience and expertise in personalization which has proven to help ecommerce businesses grow.

They asked for our help, and we performed a combination of qualitative and quantitative analyses that gave an excellent overview of the website's growth opportunities.

End result

The outcome was a combination of analytics insights and growth opportunities that covered:

  • Analytics health check - marketing infrastructure analysis, errors in tracking and suggestions how to improve overall analytics
  • Technical bugs - a list of technical errors on the site
  • Behavioral trends - a full-funnel behavioral analysis of the site to find underlying problem areas that can be turned into growth opportunities
  • Usability analysis - both qualitative and quantitative user experience analysis to understand what visitors see, ignore, and do on the site
  • Growth opportunities - a list of innovative marketing techniques to increase market share, and suggestions for quick conversion wins
growth opportunities found

We highly appreciated the flexible, open-minded, and friendly partnership with Pernimo. Their comprehensive and results-oriented insights about our growth opportunities made the collaboration a huge success.

Maarja Keskpaik,
Marketing Manager of Reet Aus

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