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At Pernimo, we have one goal – to help our clients reach their full potential. For over a decade, our tight-knit team has been passionate about exploring the unconventional, learning new skills, and helping businesses like yours to grow and succeed. Having worked as managers, marketers and business owners means we know what it’s like to walk in your shoes. It also means we know how to solve your problems!

Kristo Peterson

Growth Marketing Expert
Founder & CEO

Kristo Peterson linkedin

Kristo lives and breathes data-driven solutions. He has led analytics and optimization teams for a global agency, innovated marketing automation as an entrepreneur, and helped companies maximize their returns on investment (ROI). He works diligently on his special passions: growth marketing, behavioral psychology and conversion rate optimization.

Superpower: Kristo deeply understands people’s wants, needs and behavior. He designs sophisticated solutions to achieve ambitious goals.

Project management & strategy

From the big picture of your marketing strategy to the nitty-gritty, our project managers work closely with your team members and partners to drive your project to success.


We love data! It is the foundation behind everything we do. We even built our very own analytics tool! Pernimo uses data integrations and predictive algorithms to identify optimization opportunities to continually drive your business’s growth.

User-centric design

Design shouldn’t just be pretty. That’s why we carefully apply UX principles and user research to create web pages, elements and imagery that are highly functional and carefully-crafted to resonate with your audience.


Our developers are always up to date with the latest technology trends and approaches. With diverse experience across the industries, they can guarantee successful outcomes on the most difficult projects and always deliver like clockwork.

Content creation

Content is king. Our copywriters create actionable content that focuses on one goal - converting your reader. Our content is always crafted to resonate with your target audience’s demographics, behavior, and what stage of your sales funnel they’re in.

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