TV is one of the most expensive mediums in the whole marketing mix, yet often very inefficient. It’s almost impossible to measure direct returns, as TV advertising is mainly planned based on viewer ratings. However, the show's popularity is not always directly correlated with the results it brings to the advertiser.


A big frustration as a marketer is when you know your ads are driving digital traffic, but you don’t have the complete data to prove it, especially when budgets are under pressure. Without knowing the true return on investment (ROI) of a TV campaign, up to 80% of the budget could be wasted.


ResultsOnAir was built to help advertisers and their media agencies understand which performance-driven TV ads bring the best results. Predictive algorithms are used to get accurate and actionable insights about which channel, day, daypart, and creative combinations are the most profitable to achieve desired KPIs. This makes it easy to optimize future TV ad campaigns for highest returns.

End result

  • Predictive and actionable insights to optimize future campaigns
  • Understanding of TV-generated users’ website behaviour, allowing personalization of experiences and increased revenue
  • Knowledge of the exact ROI for every airing TV spot close to real-time
  • Accurate TV attribution for ads airing anywhere in the world
higher ROI from TV campaigns
more ad airings with the same budget
decrease in cost of new lead
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