Smart automated recruitment

In today's competitive labour market, hiring great talent is more difficult than ever. Naturally, offering an excellent candidate experience has become increasingly important to attract the right people.


Many companies are faced with the challenge of streamlining their recruitment efforts while maintaining high standards. The large amount of applicants makes it difficult to engage with all candidates while still managing other recruitment duties. The job applicants, on the other hand, are often frustrated with slow and inefficient hiring processes.


Pernimo helps to optimize recruitment efforts by saving time on reaching out and pre-screening candidates. We manage micro-targeted Facebook ads to find high quality talent. Our AI-powered chatbot on the Facebook Messenger platform then engages and assesses candidates with automated personal conversations about the job vacancy and the company. In the end, recruiters get a list of potential candidates that they can start creating a relationship with. This can either be by following up in Messenger, or reaching out over email or phone, without having to waste time with the rest.

End result

  • Qualified applicants delivered conveniently to your inbox or ATS
  • Actionable analytics about your entire recruitment process so you can decrease the cost per applicant while increasing applicant quality
  • Up to 80% of your top-of-funnel recruitment activities automated
  • Cost per applicant and time to hire dramatically decreased
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