Value-based marketing attribution platform

We’re living in a multi-device world where people are often exposed to a brand via multiple touchpoints before they even become a client. This makes the understanding of conversion attribution and user behaviour more important than ever before.


The default “last click” attribution approach widely used by the marketing industry is over-simplifying, therefore marketing and business decisions are often based on generalizations rather than insights from granular data. This does not fulfill the needs of medium and large-sized online businesses in a competitive landscape, as executing on precise and up-to-date data is essential for success.


Value-based attribution algorithms that determine the real value of different touchpoints in online visitor journeys. This enables marketers and business people to make more profitable decisions thanks to understanding the real impact of their marketing activities.

End result

  • Increased revenues by allowing marketing decisions to be made based on value-based attribution
  • Realistic marketing performance insights with reports that are easy to share with other stakeholders
  • An advantage over the competition through improved analytics and knowledge of the most impactful touchpoints
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